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16 April 2023 - P1587
Comparison of AI-assisted and manual zone interpretation of nitroxiline in uncomplicated urinary tract infections
23 April 2022 - O0181
Artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST): automated imaging and the use of artificial intelligence for interpretation of disc-diffusion AST according to EUCAST, including rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing (
09 July 2021 - 1366
Evaluation of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the detection of VRE using two different agar types
16 April 2019 - P2630
Dosing units for surface disinfection: How big is the risk of contamination?
13 April 2019 - P0623
Longitudinal variability of urinary microbiota of healthy women, differences in sample techniques and relation to faecal microbiota
21 April 2018 - P0113
Automation in routine microbiology - performance data of a new automated inoculation system
25 April 2017 - P1618
Differential regulation of TLR2 and p38MAPK by virulent and avirulent strains of M. avium hominissuis impacts on neutrophil functional capacities
22 April 2017 - EV0047
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Bacteroides fragilis group isolates derived from clinical specimens in southeast Austria
22 April 2017 - P0158
Increasing resistance to fosfomycin and nitrofurantoin in Enterobateriaceae from urine specimens in the Cologne metropolitan area
12 April 2016 - P1491
Deep forefoot infection caused by Fusobacterium russii
09 April 2016 - EV0297
In vitro susceptibility of clinical Actinobaculum spp. isolates in Graz, AT
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