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07 September 2018 - 1
Potential of Marine Actinomycetes for the Reduction of Biofilm Formation
07 September 2018 - 21
New insights into the effect of azithromycin on Pseudomonas aeruginosa attachment
07 September 2018 - 65
Unravelling the antibiofilm mechanism of action of the viral-derived membrane-active peptide pepR
07 September 2018 - 71
The Influence of Marine Bacteria-derived Biosurfactants on Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus mirabilis Biofilm Formation.
07 September 2018 - 125
A study of antibiotic susceptibility and biofilm production of bacteria isolated from diabetic foot ulcer patients 
07 September 2018 - 23
Shotgun metagenomic and functional metagenomic approach for unraveling of antimicrobial potential of microbial communities from Western Balkans glacial lakes sediments
07 September 2018 - 25
Analysis of Escherichia coli essential genes in 63 strains complete genomes, a search of new therapeutic alternatives.
07 September 2018 - 36
Genome wide profiling of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis exposed to novel anti-tuberculosis agent, thienothiazole carboxamide (TTCA) derivatives.
07 September 2018 - 37
Structure-activity relationships of TTCA series for identification of novel anti-tubercular agents
07 September 2018 - 42
Miniaturization of whole-cell bacterial bioreporter assay to identify quorum-sensing interference activity of chemical compounds
07 September 2018 - 43
In vitro Characterization of Novel P. aeruginosa Quorum Sensing Inhibitors identified by In Silico Screening
07 September 2018 - 44
Targeting Quorum sensing: Discovery of LsrK inhibitors
07 September 2018 - 53
Next-generation antimicrobials based on CRISPR-Cas3 enhanced bacteriophages.
07 September 2018 - 55
High Density Transposon Mutant Profiling Enables the Discovery and Development of Novel Antimicrobials
07 September 2018 - 59
Evaluating bacterial thermoregulation mechanisms as an alternative drug target
07 September 2018 - 61
Modulation of Quorum Sensing in a Gram-Positive Pathogen by Linear Molecularly Imprinted Polymers with Anti-infective Properties.
07 September 2018 - 62
Investigation of Narrow Spectrum Targets in Antibacterial Drug Discovery
07 September 2018 - 74
A New Endolysin from Acinetobater baumannii Ab105Ф1 bacteriophage with Gram-negative antimicrobial activity
07 September 2018 - 75
Antimicrobial activity from mutant lytic phage obtained from the Ab105-2ϕ prophage harbouring clinical strain of Acinetobacter baumannii.
07 September 2018 - 91
Screening and Synergy Study Applications for New Antibacterial Compounds against ESKAPE bacteria
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