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08 July 2021 - 564
Evaluation of existing and desired measures to monitor, prevent and control healthcare-associated infections in Swiss hospitals
21 April 2018 - P1015
Target-setting for infection prevention and control in German intensive care units
21 April 2018 - O0588
Geographical differences need to be considered in efforts to control multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria
10 April 2016 - P1116
Contextual factors affecting adoption and implementation of infection prevention practices in European hospitals – a qualitative study of the PROHIBIT experience
28 April 2013 - P2062
Systematic review of national European guidelines for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia
27 April 2013 - O234
Factors influencing leadership dynamics in the context of infection control: a cross-case analysis of six European hospitals
26 April 2013 - P935
Surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAI): targets, methodologies, and the role of feedback – a systematic review
26 April 2013 - P941
Do head physicians and frontline workers remind each other of hand hygiene performance? First results of the pan-European PROHIBIT survey
26 April 2013 - P936
Infection control through InDepth eyes: a thematic study of infection control practices across six European hospitals
01 April 2012 - P1967
Readiness for infection control practice implementation: a survey among 15 European hospitals
01 April 2012 - P1968
PROHIBIT - assessment of European practices in nosocomial infection control: reimbursement schemes and public interest
01 April 2012 - P1979
Mixed messages: concurrent feedback of hand-hygiene compliance and handrub consumption seen from the hospital ward perspective
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